Joachim from Kitchenswaps


The Strategic Wizard

His solution-driven and visionary mind leads us through obstacles and towards successes and, with a little bit of magic, his passionate dedication to our mission will put a spell on you.

Emma from Kitchenswaps


The Operational Unicorn

People and processes are her middle names and with her communicative and organisational flair she lifts us up where we belong - somewhere over the rainbow.

Manuel from Kitchenswaps


The Tech Genius

Much like a mad “data” scientist, he sees solutions where others can’t thanks to his crazy knowledge of technology and radical examination of the unknown, all for the greater good of our tech solutions.

Alex from Kitchenswaps


The SoMe Ninja

His eye for detail and imagination are his weapons of choice and with them, he slays our online presence and kicks digital ass when it comes to content creation.

Ni from Kitchenswaps


The Creative Hero

Superwoman alert! Her creativity and speed are her superpowers and she uses them for good, saving the day with her unique, colourful designs and creations that are simply out of this world.

Chef cutting food in a commercial kitchen

Our passion for the food industry is what drives us Swappers!

Creating valuable win-win situations for our Hosts and Users, is the most optimal way of running a food business today.

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